Introduction to the process and usage of registered users

1. Ordinary users download the Innomation App, in order to browse and understand the structure of Innomation in general, and can access various project information.

2. Formally apply for registration to become an Innomation incubation user and wait for the platform to complete development.

3. After the platform is approved, investors can select projects that are familiar and interesting to them in the A and B pools, and deeply interact with the project community to fully understand the comprehensive information of the project.

4. The project party can establish a project community, negotiate with the platform, jointly set up the project equity TICX, establish a project equity strategy plan, and establish a project basic financing plan. Within six months from the date of project establishment, if the project digital equity TICX receives 10% angel investment in place, the project will be transferred to the B pool to continue incubation.

5. Users can participate in the incubation of the project community, participants can choose to provide various technical support to obtain the project digital equity, or enter the Innomation trading market, investors through the smart contract to buy Innomation company's incubator TIC, through the creation. The letter will specify the investment of TIC and indirect investment in the project digital equity TICX. After the TIC limited sales period is lifted, the investor can use the held TIC and TICX for equal value replacement.

6. Investors can purchase the incubator tool TIC of Innomation Company, and can choose the contracted risk protection of ±20% at the same time to ensure that the risk loss of the project investment is controlled within a certain range.

7. The user logs in to the Singapore Dollar Currency Exchange and opens an account.

8. The digital equity TICX obtained by the investor can be settled in the equity transfer transaction by using the TIC and USD on the Singapore Dollar Currency Exchange.

9. If you register as an official user of Innomation, you will have a member account and password in "My", you can view the various asset information of the member.

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