TIC purchase method

1, Register currency account, download APP. Link in browser: after Yantong's website, select download APP and install it on your mobile phone by clicking on the top right-hand side.

2, Open the mobile phone monetized APP, into mine, start to follow the prompts to register as a user with personal cell phone number.

3, Users need to make over-the-counter transactions to buy stable digital currency USDT, before they can use USDT to buy TIC. In the over-the-counter transaction purchase, need to first carry on the real name authentication.

4, After certification is passed, you can choose to buy off-the-counter or transfer to USDT. from the outside

5, After buying USDT, click Trading Center, TIC/USDT currency pair, click to buy, after the purchase is successful, get TIC.

6, After getting the TIC, click on the trading center, TIC/USDT currency pair, click on the sale, and after the sale is successful, you get the USDT.


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