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Innomation empowers entrepreneurs

Innovation has a real gap between technology and capital. According to statistics, only 3% of global startups can successfully obtain early investment, and a large number of innovative ideas struggle to succeed. By integrating blockchain technology and applying it to the incubation field, Innomation achieves innovative assetization, value projection, and reduces the distance between technology and capital, creating a more elegant process to starting a business

Trusted and reliable teamwork
Data evaluation
Unobstructed digital equity financing channel
Continuous innovation and entrepreneurial mentor service
Open and credible project space
Hosting trusted funds
Innomation brings higher returns on investment

Investors will access the rich project portfolio through the Innomation platform, and view the pertinent assessments and intuitive value estimates of each project in an open collaborative environment. The platform ensures that all participants provide a credible resume, and the digitization of equity makes investment flow more convenient, while investing guarantees form a risk barrier for investment, which makes the investment flow grow rapidly, resulting in higher investment returns.

More project options
Clearer project value assessment
Better post-investment liquidity
Clearer project run report
More controllable investment
Lower risk investment transactions
Innomation makes the startup market more active

Innomation bridges the distance between innovation and capital to create a trusted platform for professionals to collaborate. Innomation addresses data, physical, asset and human trust issues, facilitating effective collaboration across agencies and individuals. Innomation's equity digital services, financing, and transaction support makes the development of innovative technologies easier.

Brings creators closer to the service from industry professionals
Dissolve the settlement concerns of service providers when serving early projects
More entrepreneurial service
More rich service billing methods
Encourages entrepreneurial
Improves entrepreneurial success rate
The value of blockchain and smart contracts in the Innomation ecosystem
Make value-added ideas or labor contributions worthwhile
Let the promises in the innovation process have evidence to avoid disputes
More efficient, more credible, lower cost value transfer services
The circulation of value in the Innomation system

1. Investors register to become members of Innomation and purchase platform digital equity TIC.

2. The investor finds project of interest in the platform. Through the contract agreement, the investor will use the purchased TIC to replace the digital equity of the hatched project and obtain the corresponding quantity TICx.

3. The project party will use the digital equity TICx to obtain the innovative investment company's investment funds will be hosted on the platform, according to project needs and progress. Innomation will require the project side to publicly release project progress and capital usage to investors on a regular basis.

4. The TICx obtained by the investor is locked according to the contract agreement within a certain period of limited sales and may not be transferred or traded.

5. Investors can obtain ±20% investment risk protection through contractual agreement to ensure that the risk loss of project investment is controlled within a certain range.


Wu Bing
Founder of Innomation

He is currently Chairman of Beijing Chuangxin Interactive Space Network Technology Co., Ltd., Chairman of Beijing Rongjin Century Technology Incubator Co., Ltd., and Partner of Beijing Aiyi Internet Hospital Technology Co., Ltd. With 23 years of business incubation, venture capital, project management experience and deep understanding, the actual operation has completed more than 10,000+ enterprise registration incubation management.

David Ross   Innomation COO

Before his military retirement David was one of the senior members of the Marine Corps meteorological community. During his last seven years in office, he held a number of positions at the Western Command within the five Marine Corps facilities of the Southwestern United States, with a focus on personnel and project management. David was a partner and chief operating officer at Veterans Green Projects, and served as a director of the VGPI Foundation for 2 years. David is now using his management experience to develop Innomation.


Joseph is the world's first AVA cycle application - CEO and founder of Run2play, Run2play pays for people's health habits and is entrusted with charity activities. He also served as the video advertising director for Motive Interactive, the world's third-largest mobile user acquisition advertising network, and served as vice president of business development for advertising monetization and mediation platform Aerserv. His main expertise is APP's cash flow model design and user promotion. He regularly provides marketing, team, and system and process consulting to start-ups and is committed to developing businesses with high growth potential. He is currently the Chief Information Officer of Innomation.

Kevin Chow

20 years of experience in communication and information technology, blockchain technology expert, former director of 2025 Lab of Beijing Research Institute of China Telecom Co., Ltd. He has rich research experience in the fields of Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, etc., and is responsible for a large number of R&D and technological innovation projects. The blockchain research project he presided over has won the “Top Ten Cases of Blockchain”, “Excellent Blockchain Technology Innovation Award” and the third prize of China Blockchain Competition by the Data Center Alliance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Wu Wen Yi

Wu Wenyi is an outstanding student who will be promoted to New York University. He has been involved in business innovation courses since high school and has been involved in the initial research and development of the Chuangxin incubator project. He is interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. He will be the spokesperson of American college students, participate in the upcoming incubatorship of New York University's innovative projects, and jointly promote the blockchain dream incubation accelerator invented by Chuangxin in the American university campus network. The dream of American college students to innovate. He also served as a Sino-US translator for Chuangxin, and served as the national campus promotion ambassador.

Zhu Xiao Dong

Many years of well-known enterprise executives, with a wealth of customer and network resources, for market development and channel development has a wealth of experience and execution. Previous posts: I (1995 2002), Manager, Major accounts Department, Patriot Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President, Patriot Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (2000 / 2009); Concurrently Chairman, CEO;, Digital Research Institute, Huaqi (Patriot) Chairman of Huaqi (Patriot) International Trading Company, CEO; Chairman of Huatai Hengtong Technology Co., Ltd., CEO (2009 ≤ 2011); Senior Vice President, Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. (2011 & 2014); Guizhou Guangpu Sen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. executive director, CE0 (2011 ≤ 2014);

Gao Zhe

One of the founders of Patriot Group, a well-known national enterprise, served as General Manager, Vice Chairman of Patriot Group, and is now a senior partner of Patriot. Deep-rooted in the Internet big data, Internet finance field for more than 10 years, successively founded hundred businesses.Ma Gang net, Yincheng Gold clothing and more than 10 Internet enterprises, with rich mutual gold industry management and operation experience and resources.

Project consultants

Art Haffling

Well-known real estate entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurial experience, director of Tech Coast Angels Investment Fund, entrepreneurial mentor, founder of A&A Entertainment and A&A, Renovation Realty and founder of AASJ.

Hangzhou Zhengyu Block Chain

Hangzhou Zhengyu Block Chain Technology company was established in March 2018, in order to build an authoritative third-party media organization in the domestic block chain industry. It follows the concept of "openness, fairness and impartiality", and provide digital currency investors with digital currency transaction data, block chain information, forum exchanges, block chain project introduction, block chain project rating, digital currency virtual trading and other services.

Xiaolei Wang

Work Experience:product director of Google(Music) , general manager of touna Financial Group Beijing R&D center ,start up business and received 14 million angel investments by fhcapital in 2015, general manager of Hangzhou Zhengyu Blockchain technology co. LTD now.

Yuheng Huo

Work Experience:Leader of the front-end project team in touna Financial Group,Project Manager of juaicai(Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd,project director of technical department and senior technical engineer of Hangzhou Zhengyu Blockchain technology co. LTD now.

Strategic cooperation agency

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